A&A Corvette LS2 Intercooler Upgrade Kit (2005-2007)

A&A Corvette
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This kit is designed for those that already have their own supercharger head unit and bracket but want the latest in intercooler and overall system design. (Works with most brands of superchargers). The custom sheet metal enclosure supports the front fascia and captures air from the radiator cavity, forcing it through the radiator and intercooler instead of allowing it to escape. This intercooler is the most efficient intercooler on the market for the C5 Corvette. At 25” wide, with its integral "Ram Air" scoop, the intercooler rams massive amounts of air through the cooling fins. The scoop is completely sealed and does not allow any air to flow over the edges of the core. Air will always flow over the edges rather than through the core, if given the opportunity. The intercooler is also mounted well in front of the radiator so as not to cause any low speed cooling issues. This is a common problem with many other systems. The new system also gives the engine compartment a much cleaner look.


  • A&A Corvette custom Ram Air Intercooler
  • Intercooler mounting racket assembly
  • Powder coated aluminum top shroud with mounting screws
  • Two piece sheet metal enclosure kit
  • Radiator support spacer kit
  • Formed plastic air bridge
  • Custom high flow air filter
  • Polished aluminum mandrel bent intake duct
  • Two 6" aluminum charge tubes
  • 6" charge tube with mounting flange for the blowoff valve
  • Turbosmart aluminum high flow blowoff valve (additional cost)
  • Silicone coupler kit
  • Clamp kit