A&A Corvette Ram Air Intercooler (1997-2004)

A&A Corvette
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A&A intercooler design differs from any other. Not only are these intercoolers as large as practical for a Corvette, but the placement and attention given to airflow management is unmatched. An intercooler must have as much ambient airflow through the core area as possible to be efficient. A&A's design is the only one that is 100% exposed to frontal airflow either directly (C6) or through the use of directional scoops (C5). Not one square inch of either intercooler is shrouded by the frame or bodywork. Airflow through the rear of the intercooler is also important. Most designs place the intercooler tightly against the radiator and air conditioning condenser. These intercoolers fit with a large space between these components which aids in airflow through the intercooler as well as airflow to the radiator and condenser. A&A is also the only manufacturer that utilizes sheet metal panels to direct airflow into the radiator. Without these panels up to 35% of this air would be lost into the fender wells and front fascia. Again, they are the only manufacturer that includes any sort of panels to direct airflow into the radiator.