A&A Corvette Supercharger Bracket (1997-2004)

A&A Corvette
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The A&A supercharger bracket has full belt wrap with a sliding idler pulley. This is a big improvement over the old design. You can cinch the belt down until it just about touches itself on the other side of the blower pulley, That is as much belt wrap as can be had with any design. This new design will allow you to change the belt without removing the blower from the car. The brackets are machined from 5/8" plate and CNC precision machined on both sides to assure absolute accuracy. The bracket will come highly polished and will include the adjustable idler, new heavy duty tensioner, polished spacers and new pulleys on the idler and tensioner. It is available in 6 and 8 rib configurations. The 8-Rib drive includes a steel ribbed idler pulley with all correct spacers.