Burn Down Breather Kit

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Valve cover breathers known as "Burn Down Tubes" are becoming more and more popular. With today's technology it is noting to see 1200 wheel hp street cars. But with more power and cylinder pressure comes more crank case pressure. 


These breather tubes are a standard 1 1/4" diameter with a tight radius for a low profile finish. This kit is intended to be a "weld it yourself kit" that way you can tailor the mounting of the tube to your needs. However we have the option to weld them at your desired angle. Also available are weld in mounting flanges for sheet metal valve covers, uneven surfaces, or wherever you want to install them. They come as a pair with two 90" elbows, and two breather flanges with a high temp silicone o-ring for sealing. They are made from 6061 T6 aluminum. Mounting holes are 5/16" diameter.


We also have premium flex tubing for your convince of not having to look everywhere for a good quality solution at an affordable price.