Chevrolet Performance LS3 Cylinder Head (ASSEMBLED)

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The LS3 Aluminum Cylinder Heads are stock replacement LS3/L92 heads manufactured from aluminum alloy and are available as bare castings to add your own components or fully assembled with intake and exhaust valves, valve stem seals, spring retainers, valve springs and valve locks. These heads can be used to replace worn or damaged units on your LS3 engine or as a performance upgrade on any LS engine with a 4" or larger bore! (SOLD INDIVIDUALLY) 


  • Manufactured from 319-T5 aluminum alloy
  • As-cast L92 style 260cc intake ports
  • 2.165" hollow stem intake valves
  • 1.59" solid stem exhaust valves
  • 15 degree valve angle
  • .550" max valve lift
  • D-shaped exhaust ports
  • As-cast 68.4cc combustion chambers
  • 14mm, 5/8" hex, 3/4" reach, taper-seat Angled spark plug
  • Bolt-down-type rocker arms
  • Center-bolt valve cover hold-downs
  • Fits any LS family engine with 4.00" bore or larger


    LS3 Cylinder Head Flow Chart
    Valve Lift Intake Flow Exhaust Flow
    .200 151 111
    .300 208 152
    .400 256 174
    .500 294 183
    .600 316 189