Clearance: FAST Injectors 6-Pack, 36 lb/hr PN: 303606

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Only one set of 6 injectors available at this Clearance pricing!!  These injectors are brand new in their original packaging... we mistakenly ordered a set of 6 when we needed a set of 8.

Engineered to yield faster throttle response, reduce clogging, and provide superior fuel atomization, FAST precision-flow fuel injectors are manufactured to the tightest tolerances in the industry. State-of-the-art magnetics improve injector opening times for faster throttle response. They also offer a precision-ground pintle and wide spray angle for better fuel atomization, and their redesigned valve body improves hot starting. With low and high-impedance injectors ranging from 19 to 160 lbs./hr., FAST precision-flow fuel injectors will provide the flow and reliability that your EFI system needs.