Coil Harness for Holley Smart Coil/IGN1-A

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A complete, LS Based, sub-harness for the Holley Smart Coils, IGN 1-A Coils, and AEM/Mercury Marine Coils. Produced with over-sized 16awg CrossLink Wire for all individual power and ground connections and 12awg CrossLink Wire powering each bank, this harness will create peak-power spark, and never compromise your wiring harness or ECU. Easily removable with stock/Holley style 7-pin coil connectors, and a heavy duty Delphi/APTIV quick connect on the power supply. You will most certainly run out of coil strength long before any stress is put on the circuitry, and Holley Smart coils/IGN 1-A coils have been proven over 3,000hp. These are a MUST when using M1, Methanol and Alcohol based fues. No more fighting with those stiff, unloomed harnesses other companies produce. All crimps are individually inspected for quality assurance. Perfect for your ICT Billet 551920, 551575, Holley 561-131, Callies 730302, 730302A, and all other Valve Cover style mounting brackets. Compatible with Holley EFI Dominator and HP systems, as well as many other EFI Systems on the market today.

Kit includes:

  • 2 x Single Bank (4 coil) Sub harnesses
  • 2 x 4ft 12awg main power/ground feeds with quick connect
  • 2 x 16awg Holley Ground Jumper
  • 1 x Terminal Depinning Pic

Option Guide: Relayed Coil Power Supply
Pictured (third picture). The complete installation kit to power the TPCoilSH. Built with 14 feet of 8awg Crosslink Wire battery leads, a 75amp Heavy Duty Relay, Built-in circuit protection, this kit will provide peak power to your Holley Smart Coils/IGN 1-A Coils. Easy to install, with the majority of the connections pre-terminated, and the remaining terminals supplied for length adjustment. Minimal effort and NO SPECIAL tools or crimpers required!

** Note: Coils not included.