DIY Billet Elbow Upgrade Kit For Cast 4150/4500 Intakes

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A traditional 4150/4500-style cast intake can cause inconsistency between runners, especially in boosted applications. Depending on the setup, you can see a difference in fueling up to 15%, with the front and rear cylinders. Turbulent airflow and improper distribution can hurt your overall performance. But a custom billet EFI intake may not be an option. Enter the Tick Performance DIY Billet Elbow Upgrade Kit.

This kit optimizes airflow distribution to runners and consequently cylinders. Our kit includes a flange that’s 2.125 inches longer than standard 4150/4500 flanges. It offers a smooth transition for airflow into a now elongated plenum. This allows for more performance, more even air-to-fuel ratio across all cylinders, and better tuning!

The billet elbow has the ability to mount a throttle cable bracket on either side of the Elbow for ease of install. The billet elbow also has provisions for 4 sensors to be drilled and tapped. This kit eliminates the hours of building a custom elbow for you or your customer.

This kit replaces a service generally performed by high-dollar manifold and custom cylinder head companies. With our DIY Custom Billet Elbow Upgrade Kit, we bring that custom level of performance to your garage or preferred fabricator.

This kit includes the following:

  • Billet Aluminum Elbow Halves
  • One (1) SFI Burst Panel
  • Billet Base Ring
  • Billet Weld Ring
  • Billet Throttle Body Flange (3.5" Square Bolt Pattern)
  • Hardware and O-Ring

The elbow has four (4) 1/4-20 bolt holes around its base. These are blind holes used for machine fixturing. These also double as any boost or vacuum reference port you need. Requires the user to drill and tap to an NPT size of their choice. Two (2) pair of throttle cable bracket mounting bosses are also made into the elbow. You can run the cable on either side of the manifold for better fitment in certain applications.

If you have any further questions about a specific application, don't hesitate to contact our sales staff. If you're looking for more tick performance products, check them out here.


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