Driveshaft Shop 1000HP Axle Kit with 108mm bolt on inner stubs (2004-2006 GTO)

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Here is the Driveshaft Shop's newly redesigned 1000HP Axle/Stub kit. This set of axles has the thicker Porsche style 108mm CV with full chromoly internals that is significantly stronger than the factory design. These axles feature new 1-3/8" OD 30 spline bars which are significantly larger than the previous version 36 spline bar (1-1/8" OD). Also included in the kit are new bolt-on chromoly inner stubs for the GTO differential. These inner stubs have the ABS rings installed and now have replaceable splines.

There are certain reasons that the Driveshaft Shop's 300m skinny bar is smaller in diameter than the standard 28 spline that a 108mm CV would use. They have made this axle so its stronger than a regular 4340 bar, the real reason to doing this is its more torsional during shock loading, using this 300m skinny bar with the 4340 stubs will allow a mid-Hp to high-HP car to have a great set of inexpensive axles that will torsionally twist at the axle more freely and save the 4340 stub from being hurt. the stress created at the back of the spline it stronger due to the fact that the spline is rolled (material is compressed making it a forging) by not taking grain structure away. This the best combination for the stock diff with 28 splines.

The following are just some of the technical reasons why their axles are the best on the market today:

  • Full certified 300m (a special blend made only for DSS) center bars, made with special heat treat and temper.
  • Certified 4340AQ cages with re-designed radius on the CV cage windows
  • Chromoly CV cages
  • Rolled spline center bars. Most know that a forging is always stronger than billet. The Driveshaft Shop rolls their splines, this is by far the strongest way to form a spline and is far superior to cut splines (old technology)