Fuel Injector Connection Bosch/Asnu 1650CC High-Impedance LS1/LS6 Style Fuel Injector Set of 8, All Fuel

Fuel Injector Connection
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"JUST OUT" ALL adapters for plug and play included!!
The wait is over! our 1650cc high-impedance Performance injector is here!
After extensive development and OE-spec endurance testing, the long awaited Performance Injector, part number ASNU 90/2000 is now available. 
At 1650cc/min rated at 4 bar this Bosch EV14-based injector:
is the highest flowing high impedance performance injector compatible with ALL fuels, 
can be driven with the saturated drivers found in every OE ECU and most aftermarket ECU's. 
Equipped with the stainless alloy valve found in all Bosch injectors produced for gasoline applications, this injector will be compatible with MTBE race fuels like Q16 and VP Import. In addition the ASNU 1650cc injector won't be susceptible to the internal rust issues found in natural gas injectors, which occur when the water attracted by alcohol fuels separates causing rust that seizes the injector internals.
Because ASNU's 1650cc high impedance performance injector passed multiple rounds of endurance testing in Bosch's primary injector R&D facility in Germany, it has a Bosch OE part number. 
"We're proud to say that our years of involvement in this project with the excellent team at Bosch in Bamberg plant has brought us a purpose built injector to offer the Performance market that set the bar a notch higher." says Phil Ellisdon, owner at ASNU. With flow capacity of 2000cc/min or more at 5 bar (72.5 psi) or higher, this ASNU injector promises to be a great solution for high horsepower gasoline performance vehicles running a variety of fuel systems.