GM Performance Z51 Brake Kit for 2014+ Corvette Stingray, Part #23386143

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Give your 2014+ Corvette Stingray the braking capability of the Z51 package. The Z51 Brake Kit features slotted rotors with diameters measuring 345mm in front and 338mm in rear. This increases the overall diameter in relation to your “standard” Corvette Stingray’s 321mm front rotors and increases the brake torque up to 57% on average. This kit also features high performance pads, which provide greater resistance to brake fade at track condition rotor temperatures over 500°C. Coupled with the Z51 Brake cooling kit, this system will match the braking performance of the Z51 brake system.

NOTE: The mass dampers were removed from the stock Z51 pads in order to fit inside of the base Stingray wheels. Mass dampers are used to tune the system for brake noise, and therefore this kit is not warrantied for noise performance.

There is no warranty associated with this or any GM branded product unless it is purchased directly from and installed by a Certified GM Dealer. Contact your local GM Dealer for more information.