Hall Effect Vehicle Speed Sensor for Ford, Magnum, and Magnum XL

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Our famous Hall Effect Speed Sensor now available for Ford and T56 Magnum XL transmissions. This new sensor has been designed to be a direct physical replacement for your OE speed sensor. It is a direct bolt-in with no adjusting or set-up required. It also takes away the need for a bouncing driveshaft reluctor.

Holley EFI systems, such as the Terminator X and HP systems can only use hall effect sensors for monitoring speed. Our new sensor will read the stock reluctor ring inside the transmission, meaning no tear-down needed. With a built-in pull-up resistor and mating pigtail included, installation is a breeze and can be done in less than an hour. Machined in-house from billet aluminum and built with superior automotive grade circuitry, this new sensor can stand up to the harshest environments and accurately read speeds in excess of 300mph. 

Compatible with Holley, Fueltech, Haltech, etc... systems.


  • Easy installation and no adjustments needed
  • Billet construction
  • This sensor is a replacement to the OE Tremec speed sensor found in T56 Magnum, Magnum XL, and Ford T56 transmissions. (other applications may apply)
  • Compatible with Holley EFI systems that utilize the Terminator X, Terminator X Max, HP, and Dominator and many other systems. 

Wiring Info

  • Brown is 12v switched power
  • Blue is ground
  • Black is signal to ECU 

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