Built For The Dragstrip!

Built For The Dragstrip!

If you're looking for the absolute best manual transmissions for drag racing look no further than our Ultimate Drag Race line of transmissions! We currently offer three Ultimate Drag Race 4-speed transmissions; F-body style T56, T56 Magnum, and a Magnum XL with aftermarket billet gear sets.

Joel Steele has really put our Magnum XL to the test with his latest record-breaking pass at Haltech's World Cup Finals. He is now officially the fastest H-pattern car in the world with his blistering 6.81 @ 210mph pass. HisUltimate Drag Race Magnum XL 4-Speed Transmissionis specced with a PPG billet gear set to handle the abuse and quick shifts!

As for the F-body style T56, Jonathan Atkins personally runs this transmission package in the Grubworm. He also recently reset his own record by running a 6.97 @ 211mph pass during the same weekend! His specific T56 transmission has a G-Force billet gear set and has proven to withstand the abuse!

While we don't have anyone currently breaking records with it, we do also offer a T56 Magnum offered with a PPG billet gear set. Speccing out a transmission can be a bit complicated so be sure to call one of our experienced salesmen to spec the perfect setup for you!

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