Mark Payne's Twin Turbo Top Sportsman Cavalier Build

Mark Payne's Twin Turbo Top Sportsman Cavalier Build

(This blog will receive many updates!!!!!)

Mark Payne dropped off his Top Sportsman Cavalier to get the Tick Performance treatment as Matt will be fabricating the twin turbo system it will utilize. Make sure to click “following” above to stay informed with every post on Mark’s build here at Tick Performance!!!!

Our in house fabricator Matt Goins will be fitting two Precision 76mm turbos into the rear side of the front end, the car will run on methanol so there will be no need for an intercooler as the goal is to be as light as possible for competition. Make sure to click “following” at the top as we continue to update the page on progress with the Top Sportsman LS build!!!!

The Top Sportsman Cavalier is now sporting its twins!!!!!! Matt is doing more fab work as we prepare Mark Payne for his upcoming race season and this is gonna be something special. Make sure to click “following” above to keep up with the build here at Tick Performance.

More work going into Mark Payne’s Top Sportsman Cavalier. This car will be utilizing Holley EFI as Maxwell is getting all the wiring ready to get this car ready to fire up. If you’re interested in a Holley system for your vehicle, call our sales specialists at (336) 719-0599 and have it ordered today!!!

Good morning to everyone on our FB Page!!!! The Top Sportsman build received its fuel cell from Stroupe Race Cars and has been mounted. This car will run on pure methanol so there won’t be any need for an intercooler for the twin 76mm turbos!!!!

So there was a small design change in the Top Sportsman Cavalier. The Precision 76mm turbos are now turned and Matt is working on the cold side “Y” pipe. This car is gonna make a lot of power shooting for ets in the range of 3.9-4.1 in the 1/8th Mile!!!!! Make sure to keep following this build as more updates will be coming soon!!!

Matt is hard at work putting together the cold side for this Top Sportsman build in house here at Tick Performance!!!! Make sure to click “following” above to keep up with this build as Matt works his magic with the welder getting this Cavalier ready for the race season!!

The cold side piping is on the Cavalier and being test fitted. Matt took the y pipe approach for the twin 76s to flow into the Holley intake manifold as always proving #ypipesmatter!!!!! Make sure to keep following for updates on Mark’s Top Sportsman Car!!!

The Top Sportsman Cavalier will be powered by Holley EFI and with that comes coil pack mounting. Mark had requested having the coil packs mounted low so a customs set of mounting plates were made and we will show the result here later on our FB Page so make sure to click “following” at the top of the page!!!!

Holley EFI coil packs are mounted on Mark’s Top Sportsman Car!!!! More progress being made as we get closer to race season so make sure to keep following our FB Page for more updates!!!!!