Tick Performance Now Offers Micro Polishing

Tick Performance Now Offers Micro Polishing

Tick Performance now offers in-house Micro Polishing, for transmission gears and rebuilds. This new process improves the efficiency of our transmission department and enhances quality control. Micro Polishing improves operating temperature, service life, and efficiency to keep you shifting! 

Micro Polishing is a two-step process performed over many hours, where the metal gears are turned in select media. The process polishes the surface, removes debris and machining or worn edges, keeping metal debris out of your transmission. Micro Polishing lowers the coefficient of friction and therefore lowers oil temperature. The smooth surface also improves gear engagement, mesh, and lengthens gear life. Overall, this creates a more efficient and better working transmission.


  • Reduce operating temperatures
  • Reduce friction and metal debris
  • Improve overall life and efficiency

The process is standard on all Level 3 and up transmission rebuilds (including all TR-6060 and Magnum rebuilds) and available as an upgrade on all transmission rebuilds. Micro Polishing is a benefit for all transmission rebuilds; however, we know that Level 1 and 2 customers might be financially conscious, so we offer Micro Polishing as an upgrade.