New Road Race Transmissions!

New Road Race Transmissions!

Built Ready To Race!

Introducing our new line of Road Race T56-based 6-speed transmissions, built specifically for high-abuse situations. These transmissions feature our proprietary billet front plate and billet shift forks for the best performance around. The T56 Magnum is the perfect starting point for a performance-oriented transmission available with either a 2.66 or 2.97 gear ratio.

We have offerings to fit your needs with either our basic Road Race package or the Ultimate Road Race package. The basic Road Racing package is a great option for those trying to get a brand new Magnum or Magnum F that is ready for the track, without breaking the bank! While the Ultimate Road Race transmission comes with more race-specific add-ons to make the most out of the Magnum or Magnum F!

Long days at the track can cause strain on the transmission, which is why we took some safety measures to handle the stress. All Road Racing Transmission include the following: Billet Front Plate w/ Integrated Spray Bar, High Flow Fluid Pump, Billet Tri Pad Shift Forks on 1/2 & 3/4, & Bronze Isolator Cup. These components will help with the longevity and effectiveness of the transmission on the track. Drive with confidence, all our Road Racing transmissions are covered by an industry-leading 12 Month Unlimited Mileage Warranty!

Road Race Transmissions

Ultimate Road Race Transmissions

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