T-56/TR-6060 Adaptive Wiring Harness

T-56/TR-6060 Adaptive Wiring Harness

Make a simple and clean installation of your T-56 or TR6060 6-speed transmission with the Tick Performance T-56 TR-6060 Adaptive Wiring Harness. This harness requires minimal termination and features a high-quality loom and plugs. Street and Race ready!

Perfect if you're looking to swap a T56 or TR-6060 into your vehicle to retain sensor functionality easily. The Tick Performance Adaptive Harness is a high-quality harness that cleans up the wiring process.

This harness simplifies the process allowing you to do more driving and less wiring.

Note: Tick Performance, input speed sensor, is a specialized sensor only installed by Tick Performance when purchased with a transmission.

Optional sensor adapters:

  • Speed Sensor - GM 2-Pin, GM 3-Pin, Ford 2-pin, Hall effect
  • Input Speed Sensor - Tick Performance VR
  • Reverse Light Switch - GM/F-body/C5, Magnum & Ford, C6
  • Reverse Lockout Solenoid