Thomas West's LS Fest West Battle

Thomas West's LS Fest West Battle

Posted by #TeamTick on 29th Apr 2024

At LS Fest West, Thomas West and his Renegade Racing team showcased a blend of sheer determination and relentless effort. Their adventure with an LS-swapped S2000 is a tale of comedic misfortune and heroic resolve.

Their journey began ambitiously, aiming to conquer the stick-shift class across all three LS-Fest events. The weekend kicked off promisingly with a triumphant qualifying pass that earned them the top spot. However, their elation was short-lived. 

Their 427ci LS threw a rod and causing a catastrophic chain reaction of damage—the cam was locked, snapping the timing chain and clashing pistons with valves. 

Undeterred, Thomas scoured the Marketplace and discovered a 408ci stroked engine. Despite the engine being disassembled and the team facing the monumental task of rebuilding it overnight, they pressed on. Resourcefully using an upside-down trash can as their makeshift workbench, they managed to get the new engine running after working through the night.

Unfortunately, a tight slipper clutch setup caused the car to bog down at launch, but it showed promise to make a seven-second pass.

Despite the setbacks, Thomas and his team's resolve remained unbroken. Armed with a stock-block engine and a slew of high-performance parts like the Black Magic slipper clutch and a Tick Performance T56 transmission, they are already gearing up for the next challenge at LS Fest East in September.

Thomas West’s story from LS Fest West is more than just about racing; it’s about the resilience and indomitable spirit of a team that refuses to back down, no matter the odds. Their journey continues, and the racing community watches with anticipation, cheering on this hard-working team as they push the limits of their rebuilt racer.