110 ft-lb / 115 hp Increase With Tick Performance Intercooler!

110 ft-lb / 115 hp Increase With Tick Performance Intercooler!

The proof is on the dyno! We test the Tick Performance air-to-water intercooler combined with the Holley Hi-Ram intake on Joe William's 2010 Camaro.

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The car features a 427 LSX engine with a custom-ground Tick Performance cam, Brodix BR3 heads, and F1R Procharger. The rear gear is 3:00 with a Driveshaft shop 9-inch IRS. The car uses pump E85 and 23 pounds of boost, which no change in boost between runs. 

The first dyno runs were in November 2017, with the final runs in February, 2019. Note that with the tall rear gearing, the car was running 200 mph on the dyno, with excessively long runs as opposed to the typical short bursts on a dyno. The car is also a manual transmission, which provides more accurate results compared to an unlocked automatic. 

Test Results:

The non-intercooler run saw intake air temperatures at 117 degrees to 302 degrees (the sensor is maxed out).While the intercooler dropped temps to 57 degrees, and 108 degrees at the end of the run. That's some impressive cooling! Water flows through the intercooler from a large ice tank and Davies Craig EWP150 pump. 

The base run included a custom-built sheetmetal sheet metal short runner intake, very similar to a Holley Sniper intake. The second run included the Tick Performance intercooler paired with the aluminum Holley hi-ram

The final tune laid down an impressive 953 ft/lbs and 1054 hp. 

Increase: 110 ft/lbs and 115 hp!

Note: the blower pulley remained the same between both tests. 

Before run (no intercooler): 

After Intercooler Install:

--------Dyno Results--------

close up: