Tick Performance Stage 2 Blower Cam Install!

Tick Performance Stage 2 Blower Cam Install!

Check out Flying Spark's video on a stage 2 blower camshaft! Arron and Emily install the camshaft on Emily's blown 2005 GTO affectionally named Roxy!

They go through the whole installation process on Emily's block. The sound of a supercharged LS with some chop is like nothing else! They definitely give you plenty of idle clips with the stage 2 blower cam. They end the video with a trip to the drag strip, but not before the GTO hits the dyno (no spoilers).

For those of you who enjoyed the content, be sure to check out the rest of their channel! If you are looking to do a similar upgrade to your vehicle be sure to call us and we will help you spec out a camshaft! 

Stage 2 Blower Cam Install!

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