Tremec Sequential Transmissions

Tremec Sequential Transmissions

Tick Performance has partnered with Pfitzner Performance Gearboxes to offer a line of Tremec Sequential Transmissions! We utilize PPG's sequential system and numerous gear sets to offer you the perfect sequential transmission for your application! Whether you want to line up at the drag strip, cut down on your lap time, or simply make shifting easier, we have the gear ratio for you! These transmissions are assembled in-house by our professional transmission technicians who have assembled some of the quickest H-pattern transmissions in the world!

PPG's sequential systems integrate with modern 32-bit ECUs to provide closed loop strategies that are capable of providing sub-70ms gear shifts. Shift lever & Gear indicator included in this kit with the option to upgrade to paddle shifter (GCU included with paddle shifters). No need for extensive reworking or custom fabrication you normally find with sequential transmissions in aftermarket cases.

Our Billet Front Plate & Sprayers are standard with all sequential transmission with the option for a Billet Main Case machined out of a solid piece of 6061 aluminum. This combination increases rigidity and cuts down on deflection, allowing for better mating of gears, better wearing characteristics, and overall better strength.

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