We Redesigned The Full Sized  Air-To-Water Intercooler!

We Redesigned The Full Sized  Air-To-Water Intercooler!

Learn About The Design Changes!

We hope you had a very Merry Christmas weekend! The holiday might be over but we might have a gift for some of you....

We have a new design for our full sized Air-To-Water Intercooler. It utilizes a new custom core that allows for 15% larger surface area. It can still be used with Holley Low and High Ram Intake manifolds!

For those of you on the wait list for a full sized intercooler you will be receiving one of the new designed intercoolers! The new design will replace the old full sized version.

Check out the new 1700hp Billet Air-to-Water Intercooler for Holley Ram Intakes

Looking for a more compact intercooler? Check out our 1400hp Low-Profile Billet Air-to-Water Intercooler for all Holley Ram Intakes

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