Heatshield Products Fire Shield Sleeves 1.25" Diameter 120" Length PN: 210049

Heat Shield Products
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Heat Protection, Fire Shield, 500 degrees F Maximum, Slip-on, Black, 1.250 in. Diameter, 120 in. Length, Each

Heatshield Products Fire Shield sleeves are made from braided fiberglass yarns in a flexible substrate and coated with rugged, high-grade silicone rubber. This coating makes them resistant to most chemicals, including hydraulic fluids, oils, and fuels. It also resists fraying and abrasion. They are non-combustible and ideal for use on brake lines, fuel lines, wiring harnesses, cables, and more. Heatshield Fire Shield sleeves will withstand 450 degrees F continuous heat and reduce up to 60 percent of radiant heat.