HOT DEAL: A&A Corvette Supercharger & Kooks Headers with X Pipe Combo for C7 Corvette

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Here at Tick Performance, we know that people want to get the most performance out of their mods! As car guys, we also know that people plan to do more than one modification to their cars. If that describes you, you've come to the right place! This HOT DEAL is proven to perform both on the dyno and on the track, and by combining these great parts into a package, we are able to offer them at a discounted price!

This HOT DEAL includes FREE GROUND SHIPPING (Continental USA) and the following:

  • A&A Corvette Blower System with your choice of:
    • Head Unit
    • Pulley Size
    • Balancer Size
    • Blowoff Valve
    • Drive Type
    • Polished or Black Satin Finish
  • Kooks Custom Headers, your choice of size
  • Kooks Connection Pipes, Off-Road or Catted

Option Guide: Which A&A Corvette Blower Head Unit do I need?
Your choice of Head Unit will depend on your goals with the car. This kit comes standard with the V3 SI Trim Vortech Head Unit, which is perfect for cruisers and street machines not looking to push the envelope horsepower-wise. The most popular option, The Vortech TI Trim, is perfect for aggressive setups still utilizing stock engine internals. The YSI Trim is for aggressive setups using aftermarket engine internals with BIG power in mind.

Option Guide: Which Supercharger Pulley Size and Balancer Size do I need?
These options will be determined totally by your setup and your goals with the car. If you're not sure what you need, please contact one of our friendly sales specialists who are happy to assist you with your order.

Option Guide: Which Blow Off Valve do I need?
If you're looking to make more horsepower than the base kit will provide, you'll want to upgrade from the standard 38mm Turbosmart Valve included in this kit to either the 50mm Race Port Valve or the "Big Bubba" Blow Off Valve with Trumpet for maximum noise.

Option Guide: Which Drive Type do I need?
This option depends heavily on which Head Unit you selected. The 10 Rib is your best bet for minimal belt slip and maximum performance on any head unit, but we consider it a requirement on the YSI head unit.

Option Guide: Which Blower Finish do I need?
This is totally up to you based on which look you prefer. There is no performance difference with either finish.

Option Guide: Which Kooks Header Size do I need?
The 1-7/8" and the 1-7/8"-2" Stepped Headers are good options for this setup in it's basic form, but if you're planning to use this setup at a power level higher than the most basic, we suggest you step up to the 2" Headers for best performance.

Option Guide: Which Kooks X-Pipe do I need?
This depends totally on how you plan to use the car and the state in which you live. If you're not sure what you need, please contact one of our friendly sales specialists who are happy to assist you with your order.