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The plug-and-play Tick Performance IAC to EFI Adapter designed for MPFI Chrysler, Hemi, Dodge, or Universal* Idle Air Control Valves. This is a common requirement for aftermarket EFI systems and 4bbl throttle bodies. This converts you IAC to the older TPI style Thread-In IAC with the square 4-pin connector. 

The harness plugs into the following IACs:

  • FAST, TCI  #307014
  • HALLTECH #HT-020302
  • AC Delco #217-437
  • Holley #543-2
  • Comes as shown 
  • 8in Length Harness 
  • Plug-and-Play ready 

Please Note:

*Chrysler, Hemi, Dodge, or Universal pinned IAC valves are pinned as picture shown. This was used from the 80's to current. GM, LS, and LT harnesses may use the same connector but be pinned differently. Please consult your wiring diagrams to see what pinout you have. 


Item #TPIAC42 is for Chrysler, Hemi, and other Universal EFI harnesses.

Item #TPIAC41 is for GM harnesses.