LME 400" LSX Short Block

Late Model Engines (LME)
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Don't let the smaller displacement fool you, this 400" set up manifest itself as a multiple record setting base for your build. By taking the stroke of the crank down to 3.750", you yield the advantage of a more rigid piece with conjunct benefits. The cranks overlap is reduced and piston speed is slowed, allowing for a more stable unit at high RPMs and substantial boost levels for long duration. Cylinder bores are taken 4.125" and feature a much thicker ring land, creating a more rugged and resilient part that is able to withstand high heat.  (Shipping covers delivery to most areas but is subject to change

Displacement: 400" Bore: 4.125"
Proven Power Rating: 1200 RWHP Stroke: 3.750"
Compression Ratio: 9.5 - 10.5:1  Rod Length 6.125"
Cylinder Head Compatibility: Any LS Configuration Oil System Type: Dry or Wet Sump

Block: GM LSX Bow Tie
Crankshaft: Callies 4340 Magnum w/ LME Blueprinting Process
Connecting Rods: Callies Ultra Billet H-Beam w/ARP Ultra 7/16" Bolts
Pistons: Wiseco Custom Forged FI  w/ Gas Ports (.300" material above top ring land)
Wrist Pins: Tool Steel Heavy Wall .200"
Ring Pack: NPR Stainless Top (for high heat applications) Napier Second, 3mm Oil
Bearings: Clevite H Series Main & Rods, Dura-Bond One Piece Cam Bearings
Main Studs: ARP 

LME Standard Shortblock Blueprinting Process:

  • Block is fully deburred & inspected for flaws

  • Cylinders diamond honed with torque plates for optimal clearance per application

  • Crankshaft journals indexed & trued to exact tolerance

  • Optimal cylinder geometry achieved with diamond hone and surface finish verified with profilometer

  • Chamfered oil holes for improved oiling to bearings

  • Cylinders machined for rod clearance per application

  • Crankshaft journals polished to 2 Ra or better surface finish

  • Block and components meticulously deburred & cleaned after machining process

  • Crankshaft balanced within ¼ oz-in tolerance

  • All five main bearings & all eight rod bearing clearances measured and adjusted for application

  • Connecting rod housing bores checked & adjusted for optimal roundness & size

  • Ring are precision file fit per application

  • Piston pin bores measured & adjusted for application

  • Cam bearings installed and test cam fitted to ensure smooth rotation

  • Block aline honed and set to low of spec for maximun bearing crush

  • All oil galley plugs and dowel pins installed

  • Deck surfaces machined perpendicular to mains & deck height set for optimal quench

  • Meticulous final assembly of shortblock

  • Cylinders bored (when applicable) on 4 axis CNC perpendicular to mains giving you a true 90o  V8

  • All tolerances, clearances, machining specs, and part numbers are recorded and documented in build sheet