LME Brodix BR3 Six Bolt Cylinder Heads

Late Model Engines (LME)
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Intake Valves required
Exhaust Valves required
Valve Spring Kit required
Cut for Crower Shaft Rockers required
Drill Heads for 1/2" Head Studs required
Soften Chambers required
Machine Receiver Groove for O-Rings required
Machine for Figure 8 O-Ring (For use with Full Round O-Ring in Block) required
Machine Valve Cover Rail for O-Ring required
Copper Valve Seats required

With the combined feature of having a rigid Brodix A-356 aluminum casting with LMEs own porting, the BR3 cylinder head is an excellent choice when looking to improve beyond the factory GM LS3 head. Standard attributes include precision CHE manganese guides with hollow stem intake and stainless exhaust valves. Steadfastness has never been so feasible for your LS3 headed power plant.

** By specifying your cam lift LME will assemble your cylinder heads with the proper spring installed height. This will result in optimal spring pressures and coil bind distance for maximum performance. Please include rocker ratio to ensure acuracy. (example:  .650" lift with 1.8 ratio intake and exhaust)

All Cylinder Heads Are Priced As ASSEMBLED Pairs 

LIFT .100" .200" .300" .400" .500" .600" .700"    Valve Size  
INTAKE  80  155  233  290  332  354  374    2.165"  
EXHAUST  63  124  178  225  254  266  273    1600"  

*Flowed with radius inlet intake/no pipe exhaust

Intake Volume (cc)

285 cc 

Rocker Config.

GM LS3 8mm Pedestal or Crower Shaft Mnt.

Exhaust Volume (cc)

100 cc 

Intake Port Config.


Chamber Volume (cc)

68.5 cc

Head Bolts/ Cyl.


Valve Guide Material

Bronze CHE

Valve Angle (degrees)



LME Standard Head Porting Process

  • Clean carbon from intake exhaust and chambers (used cores)

  • Through inspection

  • Debur sharp edges

  • Valve guide clearance measured and adjusted for application

  • CNC ported intake exhaust and chambers

  • Competition valve job

  • Valve job hand blended into ports

  • Combustion chambers measured and adjusted for application

  • Meticulous final cleaning of cylinder head and components

  • Intake valves back cut with optimal angle for application

  • Heads assembled and spring pressure set up for specific cam lifts/application