Monster Level 1 Clutch & Flywheel Package (torque capacity: 450)

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This clutch was designed as a direct competitor to the LS7 unit, only better. The Level 1 features Monster's proven Heavy Duty Pressure Plate, Carbon/Organic 12" disc and a SFI certified billet steel flywheel which is far superior in every way to the OE style LS7 unit! Monster has taken the worry out of the organic clutch with the Level 1, here’s how:

They start with the two most important pieces, the disc and the pressure plate. We all know that the LS7 pressure plate, while great for a stock car, is a joke for competitive driving. It “self adjusts” and adds comfort to driving your car which loosely translates to the pedal going limp when you power shift or the unit just outright fails! Monster starts with a clean slate and offers you the best of pressure plates and clutch discs! The proven Heavy Duty pressure plate is a HUGE improvement over the LS7, the plate load is considerably higher with only a 5% stiffer pedal over stock. Monster's friction is far superior to the standard organic used by the OE manufacturers as well. Our material is impregnated with a carbon mixture to reduce high heat breakdown and increase the coefficient of friction, translating to higher holding capacity and the ability to take a beating. With this package, you get a clutch that will support up to 450rwhp/tq without any worries to the driver and will still drive like a stock unit. They throw in a SFI certified billet steel flywheel so when you upgrade your car at a later time you won’t need to swap it out!

Don’t get confused, this clutch is rated at 450rwhp/tq because it will take it. The LS7 is equipped in a vehicle that makes the same horsepower; however it cannot take consistent abuse like ours. You mix this with the fact that the LS7 unit doesn’t come complete with everything you need nor does it come with a warranty and it’s a no-brainer.

This clutch is rated at 450hp/tq (rear wheel!) It will take a beating on the street with some drag racing as well. This clutch should be used on cars that have 450rwhp or less and frequent the track a few times a year.

Basic Package includes the following:

  • Heavy Duty pressure plate
  • 12" carbon/organic clutch disc
  • 28LB SFI certified billet steel flywheel (or an 18LB SFI certified lightweight flywheel for an additional fee, your choice)
  • Pilot bearing
  • Release bearing (unless it's the C6 package)
  • Alignment tool

Option Guide: Basic or Premium Package?
Choose the premium package to include a new GM (AP) Slave Cylinder, which we suggest replacing during every clutch install.  If you do not see a slave cylinder listed for your vehicle in our options menu, the kit is available in Basic Package only for that vehicle. CTS-V applications requires the CTS-V specific slave and please specify that you've got a CTS-V during checkout. Other manufacturer's spacers will not work with Monster Clutches.

Option Guide: Flywheel Type
All Monster Clutches come standard with a 28lb (stock weight) flywheel that is SFI Certified and Billet Steel. If you've got a road-race or autocross application, you may be interested in the optional 18LB Lightweight Billet flywheel that will allow RPMs to come up a little quicker, especially handy when coming off of a turn.  Keep in mind that this lightweight flywheel will let RPMs come down quicker as well, so it will require some driving style changes.  For a street car or drag race car, we always suggest sticking with the 28lb flywheel.

Option Guide: Flywheel & Pressure Plate Bolts
Your factory stock GM Flywheel & Pressure Plate Bolts are not torque-to-yield, so if you're on a budget, you can certainly reuse them.  If you'd like to replace them for good measure, GM replacements are available during checkout.  We've also got ARP bolts available during checkout if you'd like to upgrade the bolts rather than replace them.

Depending On Your Configuration, Your Monster Level 1 Clutch and Flywheel Package Part Number Could Be:

















Monster leads the industry with a 12 month warranty against manufacturer defects!