PRC 215cc CNC Ported LS Cylinder Heads

Current Stock:


Precision Race Components All New Cylinder Head Castings Completed With 215cc Runners For stock cubic inch LS1/LS2 applications.


  • 215cc Fully CNC Ported Intake Runners
  • 84cc Fully CNC Ported Exhaust Runners
  • Small Bore Chambers For Increased Horsepower & Torque+
  • PRC Platinum Spring Kit Rated To .650" Lift
  • 62cc CNC Machined Chambers
  • 2.04" Intake / 1.600" Stainless Valves
  • Factory Rocker Friendly!!*

The all new 215cc cylinder head is finally available for customers looking for the pinnacle of LS cathedral port performance.  Now is your chance to own the same cylinder head that currently holds the fastest stock bottom end heads / cam record!  The new 215cc port has been flow bench tested to flow over 320cfm & can support everything from smaller camshaft street engines all the way to all our race engines.  Engine dyno testing has shown these cylinder heads support over 650 flywheel horsepower in 408cid applications.

Flow Data:

4.00" Flow Plate - No Exhaust Pipe


Intake Flow 


 Exhaust Flow



 68 cfm


 56 cfm



 145 cfm


 115 cfm



 214 cfm


 167 cfm



 271 cfm


 202 cfm



 304 cfm


 219 cfm



 318 cfm


 238 cfm



 321 cfm


 236 cfm







*All aftermarket cylinder heads feature bronze guides. Stock rocker arms will cause increased guide wear in applications over .600" lift.  Roller rockers can help to reduce this wear.