Push-to-Seat IGN1A Smart Coil Connectors

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The wait is OVER!!!!!

The long awaited PUSH TO SEAT connector is here. This is designed for all your IGN 1A and Smart Ignition coils. These were custom designed to get rid of the old Pull-to-seat connectors and give us a user friendly, and OE or better quality part.

Price is PER 1 Connector.  Bulk pricing is now available. Any quantity ordered BELOW the bulk amount selected will be reconfigured to the full price per unit. 

These connectors utilize Aptiv/Delphi terminals and seals, and are built to work just like the rest of the Aptiv/Delphi GT150 3.5mm centerline series. 

Delphi/Aptiv Part numbers:


Tin Plated      22-20awg     12191818

Tin Plated      18-16awg     12191819

Gold Plated    22-20awg    15326426

Gold Plated    18-16awg    15326427

Cable Seals

22-20 TXL           15366021

18-16 TXL           15366060