Road Race Transmission: T56 Magnum

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For those looking for a transmission for road racing that can handle the abuse, look no further than, Tick Performance offers the perfect budget road racing transmission for your Road Racing Application. The T56 Magnum is the perfect starting point for a performance oriented transmission available with either 2.66 or 2.97 gear ratio. Road racing causes extra strain on a transmission during a race which requires some safety measures that we take into account.

Our T56 Magnum Road Racing Transmission includes the following: 

Billet Front Plate w/ Integrated Spray Bar & High Flow Fluid Pump

The billet front plate dramatically improves strength, which can help reduce torque deflection. The added strength also helps improve gear mesh, which aids in wearing, enhances performance, and shifting. Often, when a transmission experiences severe internal damage, it will harm the OEM front plate, but our billet front plate greatly reduces the chance of damage.

Our Tick Performance Transmission Fluid Pump is a high-flowing pump designed to maintain a constant flow of fluid throughout your entire transmission. Spec'd to work with our Tick Performance Bungs and Sprayers, the pump will adequately lubricate the entire transmission during aggressive launches. The two common weak points in high-output T56 transmissions are the input gear and countershaft mating gear, which often fail due to a lack of lubrication. Hard acceleration will shift fluid to the back of the transmission case, adding extra heat and wear to those front gears.

Billet Tri Pad Shift Forks on 1/2 & 3/4

Our billet shift forks are designed to Improve shifting performance and feel. The billet 7075 aluminum construction saves weight and provides one of the strongest shift forks on the market. The billet construction improves strength, while the tri-pad design greatly increases surface area on the synchronizer assembly. This allows for less deflection when changing gears, reduces stress on the shift rail assembly, improves wear pattern, and helps to create an overall better performing transmission.


All Tick Performance Road Race transmissions are covered by an industry leading 12 Month Unlimited Mileage Warranty! We guarantee that our labor performed on your transmission is done correctly and was checked and rechecked before we cleared your transmission for shipping back to you.