Setrab 9 Series 48 Row Fluid Cooler with Fan & Shroud PN: FP948M22I

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The FP948M22I offers maximum surface area for heat exchange, featuring the Setrab 9-series 48-row cooler (p/n 50-948-7612) and an incredibly high-volume low-profile 12V Spal fan.

Typical applications:

Engine oil cooler (EOC), 600HP+
Transmission oil cooler, extreme-duty/heavy-duty tow vehicle
Offroad racing vehicle with automatic transmission
Liquid intercooler/water radiator
Light-weight, high-performing, and extremely durable

Core Width:  14.25

Total Width:  16.0"

Core Height:  15.13"

Total Height:  15.48"

Depth:  4.75"

Fan:  12 V / 1226 cfm

Weight:  15.15 lb

We have used this massive cooler at Tick on customers high HP applications for engine oil cooling.  We're dealers for Setrab's entire product line, if this isn't the cooler for you just give our friendly sales associates a call for information and pricing on other Setrab products.