Slave Cylinder Setup Tool

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Get the precise measurement the first time with our Slave Cylinder Setup Tool. The internal slave cylinder must be installed within the correct operating window to ensure proper clutch disengagement and maximum service life. 

An often overlooked part of the installation process, if the slave is not installed correctly, it can lead to clutch disengagement issues and or premature failure of the slave cylinder itself. This can cause damage to the clutch and major headaches. 

This tool is designed to give you accurate measurements to ensure the slave cylinder is set up correctly. Using a known distance from your tool, you can precisely measure and shim your internal slave cylinder with ease.

Add our new line of color-coded shims to ensure you get it right the first time! 

Standard PN# TPFBSST

This kit bolts to all standard T-56 bellhousings, except for Corvette's. 

Corvette PN# TPCSST

This kit works on all C5 & C6 Corvette bellhousings. 


This tool does require the use of calipers or similar measuring devices. 

See the instructions linked here


  • It makes slave cylinder setup easy

  • Gives accurate measurements to ensure correct slave cylinder setup

  • Proper use can help extend and maximize clutch life

  • It Helps provides proper clutch disengagement