START HERE: Our Easy 10-Step Packaging & Shipping Process for T56 & TR-6060 Transmissions

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Shipping your transmission to Tick Performance via Freight for a rebuild is a very easy process!  When you're ready to get the ball rolling, start here at Step 1 and work your way through Step 10:

  1. Locate either a half or a full pallet, ratchet straps and/or stretch wrap. If you don't have any of these materials, visit your local Home Depot and purchase a half pallet, ratchet straps and/or stretch wrap. We recommend using both the ratchet straps and the stretch wrap.
  2. Remove your transmission from the car.
  3. Remove your shifter, sensors, bellhousing (non-removable on some TR-6060 transmissions), cross-member, vent tube, torque arm mount, differential, torque tube (if applicable) and slave cylinder from your otherwise fully-assembled transmission.  (NOTE: Shipping a partially or fully disassembled transmission to us is not recommended because of the increased risk of parts being lost during shipping.  Transmissions that arrive fully or partially disassembled will be charged a $75.00 fee for our extra time spent ensuring that all parts did indeed arrive.)
  4. Drain your transmission of all fluid.
  5. Fasten your transmission to the pallet using the ratchet straps and/or stretch wrap. Make sure that it is securely fastened.
  6. On our website, find the page of the transmission rebuild you want, choose your desired options and click "Buy Now".  You will automatically be charged the full price of the rebuild during checkout and you'll be required to pay any remaining balance on the transmission once we're finished rebuilding it (remaining balances occur when the transmission needs parts that aren't included in the rebuild package you select, which we confirm with you before proceeding with the rebuild.)
  7. IMPORTANT: Create & attach a brief summary of your order to the pallet. Include a copy of your order invoice with us and a description of problems the transmission was giving you before you took it out of the car.
  8. Once the pallet is ready to be shipped, contact us and we'll let you know which exact freight terminal you'll be dropping off to, or we'll then arrange a date and time for the freight truck to pick up your transmission (depending on which freight option you chose during checkout.) If you did not opt for a lift-gate during checkout, please make sure you've got enough manpower to load and/or unload the transmission, as freight hub employees and/or drivers are not liable to help in any capacity. If you end up using a lift-gate, we must pass the associated charge along to you.
  9. We will receive your transmission in 2-5 business days (generally) and we'll open it shortly thereafter. We'll thoroughly inspect your transmission and if it needs any parts that aren't included in the rebuild package you chose, we'll contact you to go over your options.
  10. When the transmission is finished, we'll contact you before charging your card for the remaining balance (if any) and we'll ship it back to you via freight on your original pallet reusing your ratchet straps (if possible) with a copy of your reinstall, break-in and warranty information included. We'll email you a tracking number so you know when to expect delivery.

Once you receive the transmission, follow the reinstall and break-in procedures we supply with your invoice.  It couldn't get any easier!