Tick Performance AFM / DOD Delete Kit for Gen V LT-Series Engines

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None of our Tick Performance Elite Series Camshafts are designed to work with Active Fuel Management (AFM, also known as Displacement on Demand or DOD), so you'll need to order this kit to install at the same time as our camshaft. This kit is also a popular seller for those looking to delete AFM/DOD without upgrading the cam. This kit comes with everything you need, including:

  • 8x Tick Performance Custom Knock-in DoD Delete Plugs
  • Your Choice of Lifters
  • 4x GM Lifter Trays, #12595365
  • Your Choice of Head Gaskets
  • Your Choice of Head Fasteners

Installation of this kit requires removal of both cylinder heads in addition to your camshaft install.

OPTION GUIDE: Which lifter set do I need?
For non-performance applications or stock to mild camshafts, the LS7 Lifter Set will suffice. For any high abuse or more aggressive camshaft setups, we strongly suggest upgrading to the Morel #5315 Lifter Set or the Johnson #2110 Lifter Set.

OPTION GUIDE: Which Head Gaskets do I need?
Choose your head gaskets based on which engine you're installing these parts on. Available for LT1 6.2L, L83 5.3L and LT4.

OPTION GUIDE: Which Head Fasteners do I need?
The GM Head Bolt Kit will suffice for non-performance applications, but if your setup will see even semi-regular abuse, we strongly suggest upgrading to at least the ARP Head Bolt Kit. For extreme setups, the ARP Stud Kit is our recommendation. ARP Hardware is reusable, GM Hardware is not.

OPTION GUIDE: Do I need a valley cover?
No valley cover is included in the base kit because you're able to reuse your stock cover with the Tick Performance Custom Knock-in DoD Delete Plugs included in the kit. If you'd rather not install the plugs, you can upgrade to a Katech Valley Cover which does not require these plugs (choose your engine/application.) If you opt for the Katech Cover, your kit will not include the DoD Delete Plugs.