Level 1 Standard T56 Rebuild for 94-02 Camaro & Firebird

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1994-02 Camaro & Firebird
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This complete price includes Parts (Listed Below), Labor AND Free Shipping on your T56 (both ways!)

Our Level One Standard Rebuild includes the following:

  • Complete tear-down, degrease & thorough inspection of entire transmission
  • Bronze 1- 6 Fork Pads
  • Bronze Shifter Cup Bushing
  • Billet 3-4 Synchronizer Keys (with upgraded springs)
  • New OEM 1-2, 5-6 & Reverse Keys & Springs
  • Complete Carbon Fiber Synchronizer (blocker) Ring Set
  • New Front Seal
  • New Rear Seal
  • End-play set to our custom specifications
  • Professional Reassembly done 100% by hand
  • 90-Day Warranty
  • 5 Qts of Fluid

Option Guide: Do I need New Bearings?
Although they’re not included with our rebuild packages, we consider bearings a smart thing to do for everyone and a must do for those of you with more than 120,000 miles on the clock. If you’ve had any strange noises coming from your transmission, bearings are a wise investment. We use Timken and Koyo Bearings. This option adds no extra turnaround time.

Option Guide: Should I Upgrade to the Viper 2nd Gear?
STRONGLY suggested for all pre-2000 model six speed transmissions equipped with the non-Viper gear, which is the weakest gear inside your T56! Starting in 2000, all T56 Transmissions came equipped with the Viper Style 2nd Gear, which features longer engagement teeth, making it much stronger. A very wise option for your pre-2000 F-Body! This option adds no extra turnaround time.

Option Guide: Do I need the Steel 3-4 Shift Fork?
Like the Viper 2nd Gear, the Steel 3-4 Shift Fork is STRONGLY suggested for all pre-2000 model six speed transmissions equipped with the Aluminum fork, which is the a very weak link inside your T56! Starting in 2000, all T56 Transmissions came equipped with the Steel 3-4 Shift Fork, which is much stronger than the bend-and-break prone Aluminum fork. This option adds no extra turnaround time.

Option Guide: Should I Upgrade to the Viper Mainshaft?


If you need to support slightly more power than the 450ft/lbs (rear wheel) that the Level One is rated for, upgrading to a Viper Mainshaft as part of this rebuild will increase the torque rating of your transmission to 550ft/lbs (rear wheel.)  This option buys you our Custom-length Viper 30-spline Mainshaft, Modified Speedometer Wheel, Viper-sized Output Shaft Bushing, Viper-sized Output Shaft Seal, Yoke, and the custom machining and installation necessary.  This option adds 2-3 days to your turnaround time.

Option Guide: Should I get Micro Polish?
Tick Performance Micropolishing consists of rotating a part at relatively slow speeds. As the part rotates through the machine, non-abrasive media makes contact on all surfaces of the part. At Tick Performance, our Micropolishing has two processes. The first process introduces a cutting solution into the media. The cutting solution very slowly smooths the surface of the part from the gentle wiping of our non-abrasive media. The second process is the polishing itself that utilizes a different type of solution. This solution acts as a varnish that makes the metal part look like it has a chrome finish. The Tick Performance Micropolishing adds horsepower gains, achieving higher RPMs while simultaneously lowering operating temperatures and adding longer service life.

Option Guide: Should I have the Bungs & Sprayers Installed?
It is seen time and time again in big horsepower cars that do standing mile or high speed pulls often, and road race or autocross applications; the input shaft bearing can become starved for fluid and fail, causing a chain reaction of damage inside the transmission.  With this option, we install and weld bungs and spray tubes inside your transmission that will direct transmission fluid onto your input shaft and third gear teeth that are prone to failure. This kit now includes our Hi-Flow Transmission Fluid Pump Kit. This kit will require some plumbing and electrical wiring. This option adds no extra turnaround time.

Option Guide: Billet Front Plate

Include the Tick Performance Billet Front plate and save $200. The front plate is $50 when combined with a rebuild like this one, and includes a much-improved bung and sprayer design ($150 value). The sprayer consisted of a machined and welded bar that extrudes into the transmission, coating 2nd, 3rd, and 4th gears more evenly with oil. 

·       Improved Bungs and Sprayer system coats 2nd, 3rd and 4th gears in oil 

·       Improved rigidity, better gear mesh, and engagement 

·       O-ring sealing for a leak-proof design 

·       Can be used with either T56 or Magnums (includes necessary adapters) 

The Tick Performance Billet Front Plate for T56 and T56 Magnums is machined here in house in Mount Airy, North Carolina. The billet design vastly improves strength, which decreases gear deflection and enhances performance.

In our testing, we’ve found better gear engagement and improved gear wear patterns. It handles torque deflection better, too, improving the life of your transmission. See the dropdown menu to add it to your build. T56 transmissions require an additional bearing ($39.99). The billet plate pricing includes the Tick Performance Hi-Flow Trans Pump kit (with filter and fittings). 

Option Guide: Should I opt for an Aftermarket Gear Set?


With the ability to make over 1000hp on the street today, transmissions are pushed harder and harder and G-Force understands. With that in mind G-force manufactures a 6-Speed upgrade kit available for any T-56 variation. Whether you have a power adder or just big cubic inches, we know this is what you have been waiting for. We have TRUE bolt-in kits to fit Viper, Corvette, Camaro, and Cobra applications along with custom installation kits that allow for an even wider range of installations. With the optional G-Force mainshafts, these kits have the ability to handle approximately 1200* horsepower and 1000 ft-lb. of torque depending on the application. Our kit combines the strength of a full-out race transmission with the factory look, drivability, and fit of an OEM installation. The G-Force Street 6-Speed conversion requires no external case, tailhousing, or shifter modifications to your existing T-56. This means that your stock mounting hardware and dimensions will be utilized. This is not a one-size-fits-all kit. We have kits specifically designed for each application including special inputs for each vehicle.
In order to achieve the exceptional horsepower and torque handling abilities this kit has to offer, G-Force has again gone back to its racing heritage. While totally reengineering the gear design and tooth profile, we also added gear width wherever possible and have gone with our vast experience in terms of material selection. We use a proven 9310 alloy material for the gears, and this means exceptional gear strength. These kits can utilize the factory overdrive gears or they can be upgraded with G-Force Overdrives as well.
These G-Force Street 6-Speed kits feature helical gearing to maintain a comfortable noise level while still maintaining exceptional strength.

While slightly noisier than a stock T-56, the increased gear noise in not excessive and nothing like a straightcut, race-only transmission. We have tested slightly differing designs to come up with the best strength/quietness levels possible when dealing with the excessive power that these kits are made to cope with.

To further enhance the performance of your T-56, G-Force has come up with some additional performance options. Quicker, smoother shifting is always a plus when driving any manual transmission, and this is why G-Force has manufactured a double/triple cone conversion for your Viper, Camaro, or Cobra. While initially found only in C5 and C6 Corvette applications, this conversion allows for the installation of the superior shifting double/triple cone synchronizer setup to be installed into any T-56. If you own a Corvette, you already have this setup in your transmission. We do, however, have upgraded mainshafts made specifically for the C5-C6 transmissions. If you are looking for a transmission to be used in a project car or just want to trade in your worn-out T-56, G-Force can build you a complete unit with our gear kit already installed. We can use a new or remanufactured core depending on what you would like.
G-Force also has a dog ring (face tooth) version of this transmission available as well.
We also have our 2.71 gear kit available in a dog-ring version. The overdrives are kept synchronized to provide a smooth, stock-like driving experience in 5th and 6th gears. Like the synchronized versions of our gear kits, the dog-ring kit is rated at 1200hp, plus or minus depending on the specific application.
*Obviously, power and torque ratings vary more or less depending upon weight, clutch, tire, RPM, etc. Available ratios are listed below, please put in the order notes what ratio you would like.

G-Force Gears 1st to 6th
2.98 2.71 2.62
1.99 1.79 1.73
1.35 1.30 1.35
1.00 1.00 1.00
.83 .86 .83
.73 .75 .73

Option Guide: Should I opt for Faceplating?
If you drive your car on the street, no. Suggested for all manually shifted dedicated racecars ONLY, faceplating is a procedure very similar to proshifting, but much more durable and longer lasting. Faceplating completely eliminates the possibility of missing a shift by removing the stock synchronizers and opening up the engagement window for faster, higher rpm shifting. This is definitely the way to go if you have a T56 in your racecar and you're looking for the quickest shifts possible. Due to the harsh nature of this process, we do not recommend this option for cars that see any street driving.  For more information, click here or click here to watch a video of a customer of ours driving his Faceplated Trans Am.  This option adds 4-5 weeks to your turnaround time.

Option Guide: Should I have my transmission Painted or Powdercoated?
During any rebuild here at Tick Performance, all transmission cases are washed and degreased. Even after this treatment, many are stained, discolored and just don’t look as good as they did when new. Our media blast and paint service gives the transmission a much more professional, finished look. Available in Black Satin or Silver. This option adds no extra turnaround time.  You can also opt for our powdercoating service, which is much more durable than paint. Also available in Black Satin or Silver. This option adds 10-15 days to your turnaround time.


***UPDATED 08/09/2022*** Tick Performance warrants that each transmission sold by Tick Performance will be free from defects in material and workmanship under normal use for a period of 90 days after delivery of the transmission. Tick Performances sole obligation under this warranty shall be to repair or replace, at its option, the defective transmission at no charge to the customer. Under no circumstance will Tick Performance be liable for any oil, towing, labor, or rental vehicle charges. As a condition of this warranty the customer must return any allegedly defective product, freight prepaid to Tick Performance, accompanied by a packing slip indicating the shipper and a copy of the original invoice. This warranty does not apply to unsatisfactory product performance which is attributed in whole or in part, to any factor, condition, or circumstance other than defects in material or workmanship. Without limiting the foregoing, this warranty shall be null and void if repair or replacement is required because of improper installation, accident, physical or electrical stress, neglect, misuse, or any other cause other than the ordinary and intended use for which the product was designed, or if the product has been dismantled, altered, or repaired by the customer or by any third party. This warranty expressly does not cover loss or injury from the use of the product. By accepting and/or installing product, you are agreeing to the terms of the warranty. Parts damaged due to any reason other than defects in material or workmanship will be the sole responsibility of the customer. We are selling you an incomplete product. Life and performance of transmissions are dictated by quality of installation, associated components, and capability of the driver/operator. It is the potential installer and/or assembler’s responsibility to determine whether he or she has the necessary skills, knowledge, and tools to properly and safely install the Tick Performance built transmission described herein. Improper installation may cause the vehicle to function improperly or not to function. Improper assembly and/or installation may additionally cause a risk to personal safety or property. If the assembler and/or installer is confused or has questions or concerns about a particular assembly or installation, he or she should contact Tick Performance before proceeding further. The information contained in these instructions does not constitute a warranty or guarantee of any kind. An assembler’s and/or installer’s failure to correctly follow these guidelines constitutes a waiver of the assembler and/or installer’s rights against Tick Performance regarding any subsequent damages to property or personal injury caused by the assembler’s and/or installer’s improper assembly and/or installation. Tick Performance is not responsible for any vehicle damage resulting from improper installation or transmission failure. It is the customer and/or installers responsibility to install proper safety equipment into the vehicle upon installation of transmission or components. If you feel the need to act upon this warranty, you must contact Tick Performance at the first sign of an issue via phone and email. If contact is not made when the issue arises, and normal operation of the vehicle continues the warranty will be void.

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  • 5
    Great product/service

    Posted by Thomas Kazounis on 5th Nov 2020

    Trans shifts great and feels perfect. Very well done. Rebuild was done in a timely manner and free shipping was a great plus. 5 stars for sure

  • 5

    Posted by Kristene on 9th Sep 2016

    I'm fairly certain that my F-Body will break before this transmission does. The instructions that came along with it were clear and concise, leaving no room for question or misunderstanding. As an aviation mechanic my bread and butter is on TMs and publications, so this was a nice change from the usual "just don't beat the crap out of it for the first few hundred miles" that many shops are happy to tell you. Tick was EXCEPTIONALLY FAST, and they were very pliable to my time constraints; their customer service is top notch. As a member of the Army, all SMs know that timelines can make or break a build being completed in 5 days or 9 months. I've already ordered a driveshaft and the rest of the plans are on the way. Tick has a customer for the lifetime of my Z28, and for every one that follows her.

  • 5
    You guys are great!!!

    Posted by Jeff Dixon on 7th Mar 2016

    The trans was locking in 4th and not always shifting into 3rd/4th, and had 100k miles + 18years old on it so felt a little sluggish now it feels like a new transmission. I love my t56 and would't go anywhere else. Came back to me looking new and shipping was a breeze, with shipping and repair turn around was not even a week. I highly recommend Tick Performance A+++ and amazing CS aswell...

  • 5
    Great Service

    Posted by Mark on 16th Sep 2015

    The rebuild went as smooth as expected; the trans was returned in a timely fashion and the tech even called me to answer some questions I had. No mysteries along the way and no wondering how long it'd take. Tick delivered an excellent product in a professional manner- what else can you ask for? Highly recommended.

  • 5
    Great rebuild and customer service

    Posted by Unknown on 14th May 2014

    Very happy with my rebuild. Everything shifts like brand new. Great company to do business with!

  • 5
    awsome bang for ya buck

    Posted by john morrone on 22nd Jul 2013

    This tranny rebuild with monsters stg2 clutch kit is a real winner...do exactly what they say in both tranny and clutch break-in and you'll have no ssues whatsoever (i highly recommend ticks master) its a must.a simple thing that can save you huge when the stock fails do to more pressure needed for stronger pressure plates...i love the new set-up..when you break in the tranny be sure to only up/down shift 1 gear at a time try not to skip shifts as all the components are brand new and need time to work-in.all said i am very pleased a great company with high values and JOEY was an amazin help along with MIKE

  • 5

    Posted by Unknown on 28th Jul 2012

    shifts easy, smooth another 350mi till the brake in is over. love the rebuild, thanks guys.

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