Tick Performance Level 1 Standard TR-6060 Rebuild (550RWTQ) for 2010+ Camaro SS

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2010+ Camaro SS owners are in luck: with just a few tweaks, our affordable Level One Rebuild will allow your transmission to reliably support 550ft/lbs of torque at the rear tires!

This complete price includes Parts, Labor AND Free Shipping on your TR-6060 (both ways!)

Our Level One Standard Rebuild will fix all miscellaneous assembly issues with your transmission (including all 2nd gear problems) and includes the following:

  • Complete tear-down, degrease & thorough inspection of entire transmission
  • Bronze Fork Pad Upgrade on all gears
  • Carbon Blocker Ring Upgrade on 1-4 gears
  • OEM Blocker Ring Replacement on 5-6-R gears
  • Bronze Shifter Cup Bushing Upgrade
  • New Front Seal
  • New Rear Seal
  • End-play set to our custom specifications
  • Professional Reassembly done 100% by hand
  • One Year, Unlimited Mileage Warranty (details below)

NOTE: On some early production 2010 Camaros, the mainshaft can fail ahead of the output splines due to an overly large machining radius (reference GM service bulletin PIP4666).  Owners of these transmissions should invest in our Level 2 or Level 3 rebuilds, as they include an upgraded mainshaft.

Option Guide: Should I have my transmission Painted or Powdercoated?
During any rebuild here at Tick Performance, all transmission cases are washed and degreased. Even after this treatment, many are stained, discolored and just don’t look as good as they did when new. Our media blast and paint service gives the transmission a much more professional, finished look. Available in Black Satin or Silver. This option adds no extra turnaround time.  You can also opt for our powdercoating service, which is much more durable than paint. Also available in Black Satin or Silver. This option adds 2-3 days to your turnaround time.

All Tick Performance rebuilt transmissions are covered by an industry leading 12 Month Unlimited Mileage Warranty! We guarantee that our labor performed on your transmission is done correctly and was checked and rechecked before we cleared your transmission for shipping back to you. Since our transmission rebuild packages are designed for use in high abuse racing applications, our warranty covers our labor to disassemble and reassemble your transmission only. Our warranty does not include broken or damaged parts, costs to remove transmission from and reinstall transmission into your vehicle, fluids, or shipping either to or from our location. Our Level One warranty is null and void when used in setups making higher than 550ft/lbs of torque (rear-wheel).