Tick Performance Level 5 SUPER Magnum TR-6060 (900RWTQ and up) for 04-06 Pontiac GTO

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Not sure which options you're interested in?  For help deciding, make sure to check out our Option Guide for details.

Do you make BIG power?  So much so that you can't find a transmission that is warrantied against failure for 12 months with no mileage restriction?  Welcome to Tick Performance!

Once you exceed 750rwtq, you make more power than a traditional T56 transmission can reliably hold.  Thanks to Tremec and Tick Performance, there is another option!  In an effort to make their new TR-6060 transmission less OEM-specific and more useable for swap applications, Tremec created the T56 Magnum, which combined the easy swapability of the older T-56 with the improved design of the new TR-6060.  With our Level 5 SUPER Magnum TR-6060 Conversion, Tick Performance offers you a direct bolt-in to your 04-06 Pontiac GTO (using an aftermarket driveshaft) that will safely support OVER 900RWTQ - guaranteed!  Some benefits you'll enjoy over a standard T56 transmission include:

  • The ability to choose between 2.66 and 2.97 gearsets
  • Triple-cone synchronizers on 1-4 gears, along with double-cone synchronizers on Fifth, Sixth and Reverse
  • Wider, two-piece laser beam-welded speed gears which feature built-in positive stops to virtually eliminate the possibility of "overthrown" shifts
  • Much stronger one-piece countershaft that resists distortion far better than previous designs and uses larger bearings in all critical support areas for increased stability
  • Input Shaft features additional material throughout the length of the shaft, increased face width, a larger input bearing, and generously long splines to accommodate twin-disc clutch setups
  • Considerably narrower synchronizers that feature fine-pitch tooth angles to effectively decrease the amount of travel necessary for engagement
  • Redesigned shift forks featuring integrated "shift keys" to virtually eliminate the possibility of bending shift forks
  • Added cross-sectional material on shift forks for increased rigidity and larger shift pads to promote better wear characteristics

When you place your order, we completely tear down the factory T56 Magnum and begin our upgrades that we perform in house. Those upgrades include:

  • Modifying miscellaneous components to make this a 100% bolt-in to your GTO
  • Installing Carbon Blocker Rings on first, third and fourth gears (second gear is already carbon)
  • Upgrading all fork pads from plastic to bronze
  • Cryogenic Treatment of All Transmission Internals
  • Micro Polishing of All Transmission Internals
  • End-play set to our custom specifications
  • Professional Reassembly done 100% by hand

Once we finish with your Tick Performance Level 5 SUPER Magnum TR-6060 Conversion, you'll be able to reuse your stock bellhousing, shifter and all of your stock accessories with the exception of your stock GTO Driveshaft, which must be upgraded to an aftermarket unit. We include a custom 31 spline yoke that enables you to re-use your stock length aftermarket driveshaft (if you already have one) as well. We also provide you with a new vehicle speed sensor, reverse lockout solenoid and reverse light switch.

Once your new transmission is installed, contact us about buying your stock T56 core. We rebuild them and we're always looking for cores, so you may be able to recoup some of your investment immediately!

Option Guide: Should I have the Bungs & Sprayers Installed?
It is seen time and time again in big horsepower cars that do standing mile or high speed pulls often, and road race or autocross applications; the input shaft bearing can become starved for fluid and fail, causing a chain reaction of damage inside the transmission.  With this option, we install and weld bungs and spray tubes inside your transmission that will direct transmission fluid onto your input shaft and third gear teeth that are prone to failure. This kit now includes our Hi-Flow Transmission Fluid Pump Kit. This kit will require some plumbing and electrical wiring. This option adds no extra turnaround time.

Option Guide: Should I Upgrade to an Aftermarket Gear Set?
Tick Performance has partnered with PPG to offer the strongest gear sets on the market with our industry leading transmissions. You have the following options for gear sets:

Faceplated 1st-6th 
Faceplated 1st-4th (Allows you to retain or delete your 5th & 6th gear)
Synchronized 1st-6th
Synchronized 1st-4th (Allows you to retain your OEM 5th & 6th gear)

Faceplated gear sets are designed for race only applications and not recommended for street use. The faceplated gear sets include the gears, mainshaft, billet shift forks, slider assemblies, and billet interlock & bolts. The synchronized gear sets include only the gears themselves and will reuse the factory synchronizer assemblies, shift forks, mainshaft, and interlock.

The synchronized gear sets are available with the following ratio:
2.437 – 1.611 – 1.228 – 1.000 - .0891 - .080.

The faceplated gear sets are available in the following ratios:
2.148 - 1.561 - 1.228 - 1.000 - .875 - .770
2.437 - 1.611 - 1.228 - 1.000 - .875 - .770
2.589 - 1.841 - 1.352 - 1.000 - .797 - .630
2.946 - 2.071 - 1.438 - 1.000 - .797 - .630

If you are planning to retain your factory 5th & 6th gear the ratio will change as the PPG input ratio is different than OEM. To find your new ratio please use the following formula.

OEM Ratio / 1.161 = Y
Y x 1.381 = New Ratio

<b>You simply can't make enough power to void our 12 Month Unlimited Mileage Warranty on this transmission!</b> We guarantee that our labor performed on your transmission is done correctly and was checked and rechecked before we cleared your transmission for shipping to you. Since this transmission is designed for use in high horsepower drag racing applications, our warranty covers our labor to disassemble and reassemble your transmission only. Our warranty does not include broken or damaged parts, costs to remove transmission from and reinstall transmission into your vehicle, fluids, or shipping either to or from our location.