Tick Performance Slave Cylinder Ultimate Shim Kit (5 Shims)

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Our Slave Cylinder Ultimate Shim Kit for shimming clutch slave cylinders provides precise shimming to ensure proper clutch disengagement. It's essential to check this measurement when replacing or servicing a clutch. We've taken our 20 years of experience with T-56/TR-6060 performance transmissions to offer American-made components with the best possible performance and quality. Get shifting with us!

The hydraulic clutch slave must make proper contact with the clutch. If not, the clutch hydraulic system can be damaged. Shimming the slave allows for optimal performance from your hydraulic system. However, unlike some Internet-spread misconceptions, shimming does not increase the slave's travel. Shimming locates the slave cylinder itself in a better and more stable location. By setting the slave cylinder throw out bearing closer to the base of the cylinder, you gain structural integrity in the slave housing. You also allow yourself more net slave cylinder stroke if ever needed. By doing this, you increase the service life of of your hydraulic system and you ensure yourself that you have a system that is working at its max potential. 

The shims are color coded for ease of use, using a high-strength anodizing that does not add material to the shims, maintaining the accurate thickness. All shims are manufactured from aerospace-quality aluminum with tolerances less than .005".

Shims can be used individually or combined to provide 120 combinations. See our instructional video to see how to shim your slave cylinder precisely.

We recommend that you maintain a slave cylinder setup dimension of between .150" and .200"