Tick Performance Spring Height Micrometer for All LS Engines, Custom Machined

Tick Performance
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The best way to measure valve spring install height just got better! We took the COMP Cams #4930 Valve Spring Micrometer and machined it to accept most common dual valve spring retainers due to the step in the retainer for the inner spring, including our own and BTR. Would work on any LSx Engine with most common dual valve spring retainers installed, but may not fit other manufacturer's retainers.

Accurate to .001 in., these COMP Cams valve spring height micrometers are the quickest, easiest, and most accurate way to measure valve spring installed height. They install just like a valve spring and then the tool is expanded until it has fully seated the valve, locks, and retainer. By simulating the installation, they're able to read the measurement precisely.