Tick Performance T-56/TR-6060 Adaptive Wiring Harness

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Make a simple and clean installation of your T-56 or TR6060 6-speed transmission with the Tick Performance T-56 TR-6060 Adaptive Wiring Harness. This harness requires minimal termination and features high quality loom and plugs. Street and Race ready!

Available options allow the harness to adapt to most any T56 or TR6060, with options for Speed Sensors, Reverses Light Switches, and it even incorporates circuitry for the Tick Performance Input Speed Sensor.

Tick Performance T-56 TR-6060 Adaptive Wiring Harness incorporates wiring for the following:

  • VSS/Output Speed Sensor - GM, Ford, Viper, and Tick Performance Hall Effect Speed Sensor (TPSS1)

  • Reverse Lockout Solenoid

  • Reverse Light Switch - GM, Corvette, Ford, and Magnum

  • Input Speed Sensor - Tick Performance Input Speed Sensor (This is a specialized sensor only installed by Tick Performance when purchased with a transmission build)