Vararam Camaro Ram Air - No Tune

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The new 2010 Camaro system from VR represents a major leap forward in terms of real world performance delivered with the quality that Camaro owners and tuners alike have come to expect. Quite simply, this is the Most Powerful ram air system we have ever produced for a Road Car.

This is the most powerful induction system of any kind for the new 2010 Camaro. The competition will talk,
but they will not outflow it or outrun it. They will never outperform it! Every aspect of induction technology has been used in this system.

"No Tune" Models have seen Gains of 20-32HP / 22-40+ft lbs of Torque through the entire curve on the Dyno! Documented and data logged. Using EFI Live & wideband systems to verify air fuel ratio, "TUNE" models have reached 35-40HP+ on dyno with stock cars! Modified cars can produce more power!

No Tune models - NO Tune models are setup to support 430 Rear wheel HP (500 crank HP) (365-370 Rear wheel HP is a common stock number on a 6sp man car/ 315-320 Rear wheel hp on an automatic car). A common power combination would be long tube headers, high flow catalytic converters and a cat back exhaust and the VR. You may even "tune" the No Tune model for some added power. Before choosing the NO Tune model you must check the factory code on the OEM air meter (checking the meter page)

Tune models - These are setup for 430-700 Rear Wheel HP,small and large Cubic inch motors. these must be tuned when they are installed. If you do not tune them the fuel trims will be at a high level ex +18-20%+ and the MAF will be scaling low in its MZ range. Tune models are made to be tuned on the spot for max power.