Wiseco LS Pistons with Rings, 4” Stroker, Nitrous/Turbo 2618 Alloy, 4.070" Bore, +5cc, Part #K448X7

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Bore (in):  4.070
Stroke (in):  4.000
Rod Length (in):  6.125
Zero Deck at:  9.235
Avg. Wt.: 496
Piston Material:  Forged aluminum
Compression Distance:  1.110 in.
Piston Head Volume:  +5cc
Pin Diameter:  0.927 in. 
Compression ratio w/ 65cc chamber: 12.9

Wiseco’s late model EFI line includes Chevrolet LS, Chrysler 5.7 /1 6.1 Hemi, and Ford Modular combinations are specially designed pistons built for high boost and nitrous, yet designed to run quietly on the street with a long lifetime.

As the leader in LS-1 forged pistons, Wiseco pulled out all the stops when designing this series. These pistons are designed to accommodate the reluctor ring on stroker cranks without having to notch the pin bosses.  Offset pins like O.E. and skirt shapes specifically designed for street applications make these the best available. They have been tested successfully in the highest horsepower applications.

• Strutted skirt design is the strongest and specially designed to run at as little as .004” clearance with excellent skirt wear and minimal noise or rock.
• Radiused valve pockets for detonation resistance and increased flow around valves.
• Anti-detonation grooves with the added benefit of keeping the top ring groove free of carbon.
• 1.2mm Nitride Steel Top, 1.2mm Napier 2nd, and Nitride 3mm oil GFX ring packs included for the best seal, reduced friction, and superior oil control.
• Pressure groove for enhanced ring seal.
• Features chrome moly pins and Spirolox®. (Tool steel pins optional.)
• Race Ready Domes don’t require deburring by the engine builder.
• Wiseco ArmorGlideTM skirt coated for lower friction, reduced noise, and superior life.
• Multi-fit valve pockets for interchangeability of cylinder heads.

All warranty questions, claims or otherwise should be directed toward the manufacturer, Wiseco.