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The Tick Performance adjustable Clutch Master Cylinder solves drivability issues with your F-Body (Camaro, Trans AM, Firebird). Whether combined with an aftermarket clutch or OEM clutch, the master cylinder is proven to solve the common issues: 

Solve Drivability Issues: 

  • Clutch pedal sticking to the floor 

  • Trouble shifting 

  • High-RPM shifting issues 

  • 1st/Reverse hard to engage 

Kits Include 

Every Tick Performance Adjustable Clutch Master Cylinder Kit ships complete with everything needed to install, including our Unrestricted and Heat-Wrapped Stainless Braided Clutch Hydraulic Line (eliminating the need for the "drill mod"), all necessary hardware, and easy to understand instructions.  Installation generally takes 60-90 minutes and adjustments can be made at any time without any tools.


Our Tick Performance Adjustable Clutch Master Cylinder Kits are built here in the USA around Tilton 7/8” Bore Cylinders (the same used in NASCAR every Sunday) and are made adjustable so that you can tailor the amount of fluid that your system needs in order to fully disengage ANY clutch, from stock to hardcore race-only clutches.  With our kit installed, you’ll notice:

  • A slightly stiffer (we normally see ~15%), shorter pedal (in most cases) due to the increased cylinder bore

  • A clutch pedal that is easier to modulate with a predictable, constant engagement point

  • Effortless shifts at any RPM (especially high RPM), even when driving extremely aggressively

  • Longer clutch & transmission life as a result of a properly-disengaging clutch

  • Multiple other issues and annoyances fixed, including the infamous “crashed pedal”

This Tick Performance Adjustable Clutch Master Cylinder Kit is capable of more fluid flow than any competitor’s offering, and we stand behind it with a LIFETIME Warranty against leakage.  Rest assured that with our kit installed, you'll have the quickest shifting, most reliable kit available under your left foot!

To download printable instructions for TAMCKFB, click here!

Option Guide: Do I need a GM Quick Disconnect Tool?

A special tool is NOT necessary in order to remove & reinstall the GM Quick Disconnect Fitting that mates your hydraulic clutch line to your slave cylinder, but it does make the task a bit easier (and reduces the risk of damage) versus using a screwdriver or universal tool.  The GM Quick Disconnect Tool that we offer is specifically designed for use with the GM Quick Disconnect Fitting.


Option Guide: Do I need a Remote Clutch SPEED Bleeder?


Why hassle with your hydraulic system every time you want to bleed it?  Rely on Tick Performance to make the job much easier for you with our "One Man Job" Remote Clutch SPEED Bleeder Line! At 4'+ in length, you're able to route the line to nearly anywhere on the car you want. 

This Tick Performance Adjustable Clutch Master Cylinder Kit is warrantied against leakage for the entire time you own yours! If you develop a leak, simply send the kit back with a copy of your invoice and the cylinder will be replaced or repaired and shipped back to you via Ground free of charge. Our warranty is void when used in non-original ("swap") applications.