GM Oil Pickup Tube O-Ring, Red, Part #12584922


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GM replacement O-ring for the oil pick-up tube to seal the tube inside of the oil pump. When replacing the oil pump, oil pan, or pick-up tube, always verify that you have the seal installed and that you have the correct seal to fit the tube and pump.

NOTE: There are specific o-ring seals for different applications. Using the incorrect o-ring, could cause an oil pressure or oil supply problem and result in engine failure. Check to make sure you have the correct o-ring, pick-up tube, and oil pump.

This is a "Red" colored O-ring from GM. 
Approximate dimensions - 
Thickness = 4.20mm (0.165") 
ID = 20.69mm (0.815")

O-Ring Part Number #12584922 Fits the Following Applications:
W- Body                     2006-2008 With LS V8 engine - Impala, Lacrosse, Grand Prix.
Chevy/GMC Pick-Up      1999-2000 LS V8 engines with 2nd design pick-up tube.
Chevy/GMC Pick-Up      2001-2008 LS V8 engines.
Hummer H2                 2003-2008
Hummer H3                 2008 With LS V8 engine.
Trailblazer                   2003-2008 With LS V8 engine.

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