Braggin Rights 2023 Recap

Braggin Rights 2023 Recap

Posted by #TeamTick on 9th May 2023

Street Car Braggin Rights is an annual car event that is held at Carolina Dragway, also known as "THE HOUSE OF HOOK," in Aiken, South Carolina. Tick Performance sponsored this year's Stick Shift class.

Photo: KhrisHPhoto

In the end Matt Stover (MSS Racing) and his 2000 Honda Civic finished with an 8.34 @ 172mph taking first place in the stick shift class. 

Photo: Lock It In Productions

TeamTick Member Thomas West faces multiple uphill battles Street Car Braggin Rights 2023. Against all the odds, Thomas & the Renegade Racing crew never gave up!

Jonathan (JAC Engines) Crew Cheifed for Thomas West and crew throughout the weekend, which was rough from the start. On the first day, a clutch disc came apart and had to be replaced. On the second day, a busted center section (the Honda is still an Independent Rear Suspension) led to the team scrambling to replace it, just barely making it to the first round of eliminations. 

Thomas had several eventful passes throughout the weekend, from running 177 mph on a wild pass and going into the net at the end of the track to ultimately making it to the finals... but that wasn't the end for West as an issue caused him to cross the center line and tap the wall on the top end of the track. He's ok, but the car isn't. 

It was a race of the highest of highs and lowest of lows. Regardless, Thomas ended the night with a smile, ready to tackle the repairs.