Eli At UMI's King on the Mountain 5.0

Eli At UMI's King on the Mountain 5.0

Posted by #TeamTick on 21st Sep 2023

Eli Walton, who serves as the General Manager at Tick Performance, has garnered experience in the domain of high-performance automotive parts over the years. While he has had the privilege of working with some of the finer vehicle components, his truck modestly reflects a commitment to quality engineering and design.

UMI's #cornermax system is renowned in the racing community for its unparalleled performance. And now, Eli Walton’s S10 proudly races on this very system, showcasing its prowess on the track. The #cornermax front end, known for its precision and efficiency, finds its perfect counterpart in Eli's custom-fabricated rear system. This balance ensures that the truck not only races but dominates on the track.

The truck boasts of significant aero enhancements, thanks to Nine Lives Racing. This addition ensures that the vehicle slices through the air, reducing drag and maximizing speed.

Tick Performance, being a leader in the industry, has naturally contributed its expertise to this racing beast. The truck is equipped with a Tick road race transmission, ensuring smooth gear shifts even under the most intense racing conditions. Furthermore, the engine components, also from Tick, guarantee that the truck's heart beats strong and fast, propelling it to victory.

The result? A truck that isn't just fast but "majorly" fast. Its performance on the track is a sight to behold, and its victories are a testament to the perfect synergy of top-notch components and expert craftsmanship.

As fans and enthusiasts of racing, we eagerly anticipate seeing more of Eli Walton’s S10 in action. The future holds many more events, and we are confident that this truck will continue to be a highlight, setting records and winning hearts.

Source: UMI Equipped at King on the Mountain 5.0