Input Speed Sensor and Installation Service

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With this sensor in conjunction with your aftermarket EFI system or Datalogging system you can monitor your clutches slip with precision by comparing the RPM of the input sensor to the RPM of the engine.  While it may be interesting data to have on any manual transmission vehicle, the primary use for this sensor is on drag racing applications that use a 'Long Style' clutch and pressure plate.  The Long style is often referred to as an adjustable clutch or slipper clutch.  Using this data, you can precisely dial in your clutches adjustment via base pressure and counter weight for the perfect amount of slip off the starting line.

This sensor is 'variable resistance' (magnetic / inductive) and creates a sine wave signal.  Specific instruction are provided to set this sensor up using Holley EFI but can be adapted to most other systems.

Due to the precise location of this sensor required for proper function, we do no sell this as a 'do it yourself' kit.  After milling the location of the sensor on the main case, we use a custom fixture to position the weld in bung.  Pricing is offered as a service performed on your main case which you send to us for modification.  Otherwise you can choose to purchase a new or used case from us.