Single Inlet Dual Fuel Rail Adapter Kit for Holley Fuel Rails (Pair)

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We designed the Single Inlet Dual Fuel Rail Adapter for Holley Dual Fuel Rails to be as compact as possible without sacrificing the flow rate. This also means you can use the largest variety of fittings since there isn't a "standard length" for AN fittings. The fuel rail adapter utilizes two 8AN fitting on one side and a single 10AN fitting on the other side. 

The dual Fluorosilicone O-rings are resistant to alcohol, gasoline, and all grades of chemicals! The fuel rail fittings are slip fit and held in place with a stainless-steel locking clip. The kit is pressure tested at over 150 PSI for hours! So you can breathe easy knowing it can handle the pressure (no pun intended).

Save money with the Single Inlet Dual Fuel Rail Adapter by running fewer AN Adapters and hose ends! This not only cleans up your engine bay but simplifies the process! The kit includes a single pair, with all necessary items to plumb two fuel rail ends. 2 pairs are needed to plumb all sides of the fuel rail. 

Single Inlet Dual Fuel Rail Adapter Kit Includes:

  • 2 Hard Anodized Single Inlet Dual Fuel Rail Adapters

  • 4 Slip Fit Dual O-Ring Hard Anodized Fittings

  • 2 Stainless Steel Locking Clips

  • 12 Fluorosilicone O-rings 
  • All hardware required to install onto a Holley Dual Fuel Rail