Tick Performance Hi-Flow Transmission Fluid Pump

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Hi-Flow Transmission Fluid Pump

The Tick Performance Transmission Fluid Pump is a high-flowing pump designed to maintain a constant flow of fluid throughout your entire transmission. Spec’ed to work with our Tick Performance Bungs and Sprayers, the pump will adequately lubricate the entire transmission during aggressive launches.

The two common weak points in high-output T56 and TR6060 transmissions are the input gear and countershaft mating gear, which often fail due to a lack of lubrication. Hard acceleration will shift fluid to the back of the transmission case, adding extra heat and wear to those front gears. Also, these two gears are under constant load—except in 4th gear—meaning proper lubrication is vital.  

We highly recommend Bungs and Sprayers in high-output and race-only applications. These two forward gears are also two of the most expensive gears in the T56 and TR6060. Read more about Bungs and Sprayers in our Transmission Rebuilds. 

We install Bungs and Sprayers in house here in the Tick Performance transmission department, with two -6AN fittings. Our new pump is designed to be easily mounted and plumbed with our -6AN universal line kit (coming soon). Now, you can get everything you need in one stop.

Kit Includes:

We strive to produce simple kits and quality components. All Tick Performance Transmission Fluid Pumps include an Earl’s inline filter with -6 AN fittings and two -6AN fittings for the pump itself. The Earl’s line filter features a removable and cleanable stainless steel element.

TP Transmission Fluid Pump

-6AN Earl’s Inline Filter

4x Rubber Isolators

4x Isolator Inserts

2x Earl’s -6AN O-Ring Fittings


Pump Specs:

Flow: 2.6 GPM

Fuse: 15A

Max Pressure 58 psi

Self Priming 4.9 ft


Mounting Hardware:

1/4in or 6mm bolts or screws are recommended, but not included



Please consult the instructions before installation. The pump flow is directional but can mount in any orientation (right-side up or upside down). The pumps include rubber isolators and isolator inserts to help maintain pump life no matter the mounting location.

It is recommended not to run the pump for more than 20 minutes dry, any longer can cause damage to the pump. It is vital to always run a clean and new inline filter before the pump.

Wiring is simple, with the red wire requiring a 12v source and black a clean chassis ground. It’s highly recommended to trigger the pump via an automatic or computer-controller switch. Constant running of the pump, such as street driving, is not recommended, and extended continuous use of the pump can hinder its life span.


Download Instructions:

Click here for a pdf of instructions. 


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    Tick Trans Pump

    Posted by Gabriel Fleming on 9th May 2023

    Packaged awesome, shipped way faster than i thought it would, no missing parts, and arrived a day early ??

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